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Assistant Director

Mark Cukurs

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Mark Cukurs
Assistant Director

Mark Cukurs serves as the assistant director at the Center For Hope. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach, a certified supervisor for other Peer Recovery Coaches, as well as a mentor with the IDOC “Free to Succeed” mentorship program. He is also a recovery coach trainer with Recovery Idaho. He is a person in long term recovery and strives to be living proof to others that recovery is possible. He is proud to live in the “Great State of Idaho” and enjoys fishing with his kids. Mark looks for opportunities to advocate for the recovery community and reduce the stigma associated with addiction.

Executive Director

Nancy Espeseth

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Nancy Espeseth
Executive Director

Nancy is currently the director of the Center for Hope in Idaho Falls. Nancy is passionate about working with people who have addiction and or mental health issues and is in recovery herself. Prior to this Nancy worked for two years as a case manager at the Behavioral Health Crises Center where she frequently worked with individuals that were suicidal or detoxing from drugs/alcohol. The previous 15 years she worked for the Idaho Department of Corrections.

Certified Peer Recovery Coach/ Peer Support Specialist

Grace Breshears

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Grace feels that she is honored to work with the team at Center for Hope.  She is  a  Certified Peer Recovery Coach as well as a  Certified Peer Support Specialist.   She is proud to be a Wood Court graduate,   where she still mentors others.   Grace is proud mother of 3 children ,  2  step kids , and  4  grandchildren.   In  her free time she manages  a sober living house.    She also loves spending time with family , and being  outdoors.   Grace is always looking  to try new things in recovery !!

Peer Re-entry Coach/ Certified Peer Support Spec.

Benjamin Pedroza

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Benji is passionate about working as a reentry coach @ Center for Hope. His role as a peer support & recovery coach is helpful in the community. Bridging a major gap with Reentry and the center for hope, Benji thrives & compassionately provides a much-needed service.  Working with the team here at the recovery community resource center, Peers and any community members are supported and assisted with many services from Benji and his position.

Certified Peer Support/ Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Donna Johnson

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Donna Johnson, I am a Certified Peer Recovery Coach/Certified Peer Support Specialist. I am also a Mentor for the I.D.O.C., Free 2 Succeed program. I excel in helping people find their paths to recovery. I take great pride in continuing to work with many of the people I help. Born and raised in Idaho Falls, I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I like spending time with my family and doing activities outdoors. My biggest fuel for passion in life is helping others get their lives to where they want to be. Nothing gives me more pride in doing what I should be, than someone stopping me and telling me that I changed their life.

Board Presidency

Board President
Gavin W. Wells CADC

Gavin Wells is currently a CADC counselor and has provided addiction counseling for the past 14 years. Gavin is married with three grown children and five grandchildren who he adores with all his heart.

The reason I decided to get on the board for the Center for HOPE was because of my passion for recovery and the desire to help bridge the gap between the recovery community and the community as a whole. I have seen the need for this for many years and I welcome the chance to be a part of doing just that. Addiction and mental health problems are not just the problems of the afflicted and their families but also problems of society as a whole and the solution resides with a collaboration between society and those who are intimately affected."

Board Vice-President
Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson has been involved in homeless and recovery activities for over 25 years and is a Family Development Specialist.  She is currently managing  the free to the community  FASI GED program.  She has been married for 43 years, has 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

I am on the board because I believe in people and that everyone has value even if they have made mistakes in their past. I envision the Center for Hope as a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental place where someone can breathe for a moment and find a path that works for them.

April Crandall, LSW

April Crandall serves on the Center for Hope Board Secretary/Treasurer. She is a Licensed Social Worker and provides contract work for Rehabilitative Health Service (Behavioral and Medical Health Provider) in Program and Policy Development, and Grant Management. She has background in behavioral and medical health beginning in 1991, including statewide and agency program/policy development, addiction/recovery services, individual skills training, groups, developmentally disabled programs, and elder care centers. April enjoys traveling and time with her husband, kids, and grandkids.

I joined the Center for Hope Board to support a program that genuinely embraces recovery. So many with addiction and mental health struggles experience loneliness, self-recrimination, and shame. The Center for Hope offers a place to be a part of something, to connect, to learn, to heal, to help others, and start life anew. Those embracing recovery are heros in strength and authenticity. I learn from them. I’m grateful to contribute to a program that provides a pathway of hope.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 2 PM at the Center for Hope. Check the calendar for any changes to Board meeting dates or times.

Board of Directors

"When possible, half of the board shall be composed of members who have experience with addiction and/or mental illness and are in active recovery." - Center for Recovery Bylaws

Gavin Wells, CADC                                                                                
President, Padron Counseling CADA Counselor, In Recovery
Anne Johnson                                                                          
Vice- President, Director   FASI  GED Program - Recovery Advocate
April Crandall, LSW                                                                            
Secretary/Treasurer, Contract at RHS - Policy and Systems - Recovery Advocate
Autumn Furman
Navigation Services - Recovery Advocate (211 Care-line)
Dr. Aaron Harris, PHD
Clinical Psychologist, Harris Psychology & Healthy Care Solutions, Recovery Advocate
Crista Henderson
Bonneville County Social Services Director, Recovery Advocate
Sam Hulse
Bonneville County Sheriff Department, Recovery Advocate
Paula McAllister
In Recovery
Lisa Perucca
MSW, In Recovery

Aimee Austin

Bannock County Treatment Courts       In recovery

Emily Thomas 

Community Youth in Action/   Resource Coordinator      In recovery

Joyce Cumpton
IDOC, Probation Officer, Recovery Advocate
Stephanie Taylor-Silva
Prison Fellowship Field Director      In Recovery

Staff Contracting Agency


DeVere Hunt   

Rehabilitative Health Services Owner, Staff Contractor

Nancy Espeseth

Executive Director ,  Center For Hope           In recovery

Mark Cukurs

Assistant Director ,  Center For Hope            In recovery

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